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3 Best Top Online Business To Start in 2022

Top Online Business idea

Do you look for a Top Online Business idea? are you tired of your job? are you hating your boss? do you need more money? and you don’t have an online business? Yes, you don’t, but the real problem is you don’t know where to start. In this blog, I’ll share my top 3 online business ideas that will help you build a side hustle. And maybe quit your job to switch to an ideas full-time online business.

Let me first explain to you what is an online business? an online business is when you making money from the internet just by having a website or a digital asset. Where you could sell items or services without going outside and being physically present. You can manage it all in your room with your cup of coffee.

When I first started, I was thinking that making money online is just about finding the magic lamp and that’s it you become rich. But none of this worked with me I was just making pennies, while others making fortunes. The problem is they were running online business, that was the real magic lamp. So I started taking courses and doing research all over the internet to see which one is more profitable. As a beginner I was lost starting to try them all and wasting my money for businesses that won’t work for me, and I have tried many online businesses like:

List of Online Business Ideas

  • YouTube channel
  • Social Media Marketing Agency
  • Instagram Influencer
  • Facebook ads Manager
  • Selling Gigs on Fiverr
  • blogging
  • Drop shipping
  • Web developer
  • Network Security Agency
  • Video Games Tester
  • E-commerce Store
  • Selling E-books
  • Web Hosting
  • Mobile App

All the List above and more other thousands ideas about online businesses are making thousands of dollars to their owners every single month.

Now let’s dive-in our top 3 online businesses that will make us at least + 5000$/month

Online Business
Top Online Business

What are the Top Highest Profitable Online businesses in 2022?

Starting a Blog is one of the Best and profitable online Businesses idea in 2022, people are making 10k,50k, even +100k a month from their Blog! How ? By Selling courses, E-Books, offering services and display ads.

I’ll teach you how exactly they do to monetize their Blog, But let’s starts with creating our own Blog. First of all, we need to choose our niche ( the topics our Blog will cover, it can’t Be general, it needs to cover a specific niche). Then we need a webhosting and a Domain name (will cost you around 60$) for our Blog related to our niche to look more professional.

after setting our WordPress, we need to choose a good and clean Theme that fits with our Blog niche.

We’ve finish to setup the foundation of our online Business. Now time to start working and growing our money Building machine. Writing Blog post, the process of making money from Blogging is very slow, we can’t see result immediately But after 6-8 months. Although, every Blog post we wrote will drive us traffics and make us money later on, so By writing at least 1 per week that’s a total of 52 Blog posts per year, and this is the minimum effort we can do.

Let’s now dig-in how we monetize our online Business, I mean our Blog, there is Bunch of ways to make money from our Blog

  • Affiliate marketing
  • Ads
  • Selling your course/ E-Book
  • Selling Print on Demand products
  • … etc.

But still the most profitable is affiliate marketing that will make us real money. To do affiliate marketing we need to join to the program of the product that fits with our niche, and we see in it the qualification to Be market to our audience. So whenever a person Buy the product through our link that we will Be writing about in our Blog post we make money from it.

The key to succeed in the Blogging online Business is traffic. To get more traffic we need to rank in 1st page in google search. So, treating our Blog as a Business we need to put time and effort in it. Optimizing our Blog posts to SEO, doing link Building and creating Backlinks, publishing in social media and drive traffic from other platforms. All of this factors will help us to Build authority in the niche and drive more traffic and for sure make more money.

You can check my Blog about (How To Generate More Traffic For Your Blog & Make Money with Pinterest 2022)

Having an Online Store is in another hand the real model of Online Business and making money online machine.

The E-commerce “Online Business” is about selling a product (physical or digital) using only landing page funnel or By creating a whole online store in a specific niche.

How To create a landing page funnel

All we need to do is first selecting our product either a physical product or a digital product to sell to our customers.

Next we select one of the Landing Pages Funnels Builder software that make the whole process easy with Buttons Click, and there is a list of some of the Best ones:

  • Clickfunnels
  • Builderall
  • kartra

Or we just can create our landing page manually through owning a Hosting and a domain name, then fill up the page with our product.

The Landing Page need to Be in a good format and have a perfect formula to turn the visitors to Buyers. That’s why we need a very good copy that contain: The intent “why the visitor is in your landing page ?”, then a small description about our product ” the Benefits that will offer”, and of course a good call to action.

This formula will make us the highest conversion of course if we master copywriting. But the real problem is how to get visitors, unlike Blogs people won’t find our landing page on Google’s search. Otherwise we need to pay for the traffic.

We can Buy traffic from Facebook Ads, Google Ads, Email list owners, Native Ads or from Blog owners, from anyone who have traffic in the internet and the key to succeed in E-commerce online Business is to find the Balance between the cost of the visitor and the conversion rate, we try always to maximize the ROI (Return on Investment) the highest the ROI the more money we make.

Almost the same strategy and steps we apply on the E-commerce online store, But this time we need to multiply our work and fill the whole store. Like a physical store in real life, our online store needs products in a specific niche ,a domain name and surely a store.

Online store could Be provided By many software on the internet like

  • Shopify
  • WooCommerce
  • Wix
  • Magento

Those software will facilitate the whole process of filling up the lists of products, including the payments method and the store marketing management. All we need to do is Bring traffic and Build authority to our store and start making passive income, real money.

Creating a SaaS (Software as a service) website or an Application in one of the Top online Business in 2022, as you can scale the Business to a Big company. But this type of Business require high skills in programming and coding, maybe a Big team of software engineers ! yes it does But don’t worry I’m here to show you exactly what to do so follow.

As we tackled in the previous sections, the domain name and webhosting is essential for our Online Business to make our presence online.

After that we will look for a developer to create our SaaS/ App, and we can find many of them in the freelancers platform such as Upwork, Toptal,, Fiverr…

The main point is to find someone to do our job Based on the Budget that we have, also to Be prepared for revision and changes if needed.

Another way to find SaaS/App; and this is my Best method; I recommend that we use CodeCanyon or Codester the two Best marketplace to Buy Apps and Scripts done for you. All we need to do is just installing the script in our hosting and Boom our website is ready, our online Business is alive we can start promoting it and monetizing it.

And as we learned Before, we need to market to our Online Business either y paid method or By free method, just Because the traffic is the key to succeed in Online Business.

Online Business
Top online Business


In this Blog post we had tackled the Top Online Business for 2022. We had a general idea about what’s working in the market and how we can make real money from the internet and start a real sustainable Online Business

Blogging is a wonderful Online Business that cost less than 100$ to start. Also it doesn’t need any additional fees all it needs is to put effort and time on it and the results will comes.

In another hand E-commerce will make us Big money, and us we can see it the future. Yes it needs money to start and effort But the outcome is really hug believe me. People are making millions every year.

Owning your SaaS/App is like you having a real company this is the future of Business. As we can see all the richest people on earth and I mean Billionaires are people who owns SaaS and Apps on Internet.

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