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The Best Pinterest Marketing Strategies For Shopify Highest Sales

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Pinterest Marketing for Shopify store

Pinterest has started as a site where people can upload photos of their creations. The difference with Instagram is that it focuses on what you have created, not on your photos. Many people think that a site is dedicated to happy times only, or that the site is better used by people who create their own art. Many also say that the pins and Save do not matter much. This is where Shopify users can deviate. They missed an important market on Pinterest. Although not too late, we will show you how to use Pinterest as a marketing platform for your Shopify store.

Pinterest Marketing Strategies For Shopify

To give you an idea of ​​how great Pinterest is, see the details below:

  • It has 200 million dynamic month to month clients
  • It generates more than two billion searches per month
  • 87% of pinned people bought something on Pinterest
  • 93% of these users plan to purchase something on Pinterest
  • 17% of e-commerce traffic comes from Pinterest.

With these numbers, there is no question that Pinterest is a wellspring of traffic, which can further develop your transformation rate.

PART I: What should you do to increase Shopify sales through Pinterest?

Shopify Store

1.Add Pinterest to your Shopify store

The first thing you need to do is add Pinterest to your Shopify store. There is no Pinterest app on Shopify, so you should do this by using other apps that will help you combine both, or do it manually. The Pinterest Help Center says there is a Shopify app, but there is no such thing. If you use an app, you will probably use the Pinterest feed. What this means is that this app will find your pins on Pinterest, and display them in the Shopify section of your store. You can also use apps that serve as a widget, which will allow visitors to your Shopify store to track your Pinterest account.

Here are the benefits of using the Pinterest app on Shopify:

  • Integrate Pinterest to your site with widgets, follow buttons, and a board display
  • Add pins for other users or boards
  • You can edit the widget to get a brand look
  • Show your record name, Pinterest devotees, and the number of sheets you follow
  • Adjust widget and length
  • Display or hide pins or boards on your Shopify site
  • Change pin features like author, share, or Pinterest icon
  • Display boards as units or merge all pins into one grid
  • People who click on the image in your Shopify store will open Pinterest
  • It will fix on mobile

If you are going through a manual process, you need to know how to write code. There are detailed instructions available on Shopify on how to add a Pinterest button to your store.
So, what does this button do? Allows people to follow you, or Pin your content on their Pinterest boards. It’s like free advertising. If a site visitor to your store attaches your product page or photo to Pinterest, his friends and fans will see it.
After seeing the pin, someone may click on the image, and it will be taken to your website. If you decide to buy, you will get a sale.

2. Create Affordable Pinterest Pins

or Product Pins

Pinterest Marketing Shopify

Affordable PIN image post on Pinterest where there is a Buy button. When a customer clicks on this, they will be taken to your Shopify store where they can complete the purchase. Today, the affordable PIN can only be integrated with Salesforce Commerce Cloud, BigCommerce, and Shopify. The first thing you need to do is create a business account on Pinterest. If you already have a personal account, you should upgrade to a Business account. Upgrade is free.
After applying, you must wait approximately five business days for Pinterest to approve your business account request. Once authorized, you can now create anchors with a purchase button. When a customer clicks on this, it will be redirected to your website.
Another version of this is called Product PIN. However, the image itself will take the buyer to the seller’s website to complete the exit. There is also a feature where the user can press and hold the PIN icon, and it will display a few options.

These options are:

  • Get out
  • Phina
  • Save
  • Buy

Pinterest will launch this worldwide, and this is expected to replace the Purchased PIN.

3.Create Pinterest Ads

Pinterest Marketing Shopify

Like other social media sites, you can create an ad that will be displayed randomly to people who meet your target market. On Facebook, you can upgrade posts. On Pinterest, you can create Promotional Links, also called Pinterest Ads. Promoted PIN is an image you want to be advertised with. It doesn’t look like an ad because it looks like a normal post. According to Pinterest, enhanced anchors can generate up to 20% more clicks.
This feature is only available in selected countries such as the US, New Zealand, Australia, UK, Canada, and Ireland. Indeed, Pinterest executives are considering expanding this global marketing platform.
There are three main stages of creating an ad on Pinterest, and this has something to do with your goal. You can pick between Awareness, Engagement, and Traffic.

Ad formats allowed from now on are:

  • Raised pins
  • Videos
  • Single-tap pins
  • Cinematic pins

Single-tap anchors are images that will take the user to the merchant’s website, while cinematic pins are videos that are displayed as still images. The video will play as the client look over the program or Pinterest application. As of today, Pinterest also has a search bar, which you can use when advertising. Pinterest now allows advertisers to use keywords. When a user types a phrase in the search bar, Pinterest will display your PIN when your keywords in your PIN match the username.

4.Create Boards Around Your Business

Pinterest Marketing Shopify

If you sell clothes in your Shopify store, it means it makes sense to create a Pinterest board that will showcase your products, not pins about life quotes.

Your board should reflect what your target audience wants and what your product sells. If you sell maxi-dresses, then create a board where all the pins are maxi dresses. Once this board has been created, you can create anchors, or images, for your products. Now, there is a strategy here called the 80/20 law. Since Pinterest is a place for content sharing, you should not fill your boards with your products. All you have to do is curate or save pins for other people, too.
For every single product you post, you must save four pins to other people. This will make your account more reliable as a user, compared to the person whose posts are about his products.

Here are some tips on creating boards on Pinterest:

  • Use the correct name for your board; if the board talks about summer clothes, say Summer Dresses That Will Never Go Out of Style
  • Make nails colored; use images of your products
  • Make posts custom; if the post is about clothes, make sure they are all modeled, or make sure they all have the same shooting angles
  • Make descriptions of long pins, and make sure they represent what is in the picture
  • Use correct keywords; search for a keyword correctly and apply it to the pin title and description
  • Create a call to action
  • Tell others when you keep their pins on your board

The content of that board will serve as your product page. As much as possible, use less than 300 characters in your post. Pinterest is not a sales page, so choose wisely what names you will include there.

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