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Is The Best Digital Marketing Tool? (Honest Review) is one of the easiest digital marketing tool to start with as a beginner. When I first started, I wanted to do email marketing having my own list, create a sales funnels, but that was so expensive specially for me as a beginner.

To be honest with you guys, my fist try with digital marketing tools was with why? just because have a free plan to start with and you can experience all the tools just in one place, as I mentioned is one in all digital marketing platform. So let me show you in this blog the Pros & Cons in details with a full honest review and share with you my own experience with and did it worth to pay for or not. All you need to know about review in one place.

Keep reading all share a bonus in the end of our review!

What is is an online software for digital marketing that gathers all the tools that a marketer need in just one platform. is offering to :

easy to setup with tones of templates ready to use and to be edited to your will, all the elements that you need are collected in one table to drag and drop from and make your final version Sales Funnels.

blog is one of the other option offer. A good platform to host your blog in, easy to manipulate and full of good templates that will help you to publish your articles and impress your readers.

In another hand is one of the most powerful tools in Email marketing is the highest revenue in digital marketing field and offer you the best guide and templates easy to edit to your need with a good email marketing strategy and call to action you will have the best of your list. give you the chance and the tools to experience teaching online. If you are an instructor or some who wants to sell his knowledge in a form of online course, you are in the right place. With simple steps following the guide you will host your course easily. First add your information and the course description then upload your videos, set your test for your students and Boom your course is ready to Be publisher and sold to your audience.

Of course none of us will master all those fields at once “Jack of all trades, master of none” but working as a team in one platform and getting everything connected and related in one place, this is really amazing. is known about it simplicity and it easiest way of manipulation


Many of you will ask me why is not tones of other software that have same features out there in the internet ?

Of course is not the only software that offer those services, yes there are multiple companies that offer great tools for digital marketers, But the key in that it gathers all the tools needed in one platform. Also the simplicity and super smooth Building process.


If we search in the market and look for alternative the first thing we will notice is the hug differences of pricing, is much less expensive according to other platform, because if we sum all the tools that offer we will end up with at least 1000$ to pay each month. but this is not the case we pay just 97$/month for the full access, we can pay less for the startup package 27$/month. And believe me the 27$ is not even enough for an Email list provider.

Above all the characteristics that Offers there is one major benefit, The free plan.

Free Plan

Yes as your read, a free plan to start, not limited by time so you can stick with it for ever if you want. free plan offer you access for almost all the tools, not full access of course but for a beginner that is your perfect place.

I did it myself when I first started, I was looking for a cheap Email list provider to use it in my blog, and miraculously I end up with a free one, yes I discovered

It gave you 2000 Contact which is more than enough for a beginners like us to start with, also it gave you 10 Sales Funnels and one blog and it allows you to host one course of yours. Isn’t that a big deal !

If you were in another platform already like clickfunnels or builderall or kartra you may not think to change the platform, because all your work is in there already and you may lose your email contacts, your sales pages and even lose your successful campaigns.

Free Immigration

but this is not the case if you switch in, their team has thought about this problem and offer a good free immigration from any platform to just for you and to make sure all your work is with you all your profitable sales pages and email lists.

Low-priced is a low price product that you can afford if you want to extend your online business to the next level.

as you can see in the pricing plan the cost is much lower than the other platform like Kartra & Clickbank for example the charge in Clickbank is more than 100$ per month, so you can see how much can you save if you switch to or you just get start with. Pricing paln Pricing

How to use

Now we come to must important section in this blog, the way to earn and make real money from All the tools and features in the platform are built to facilitate to the user to handle his business and to make sure you make the more profit possible from your idea.

let’s start with what I did exactly to start earning money from

In the very beginning, I signup to the free plan to get the free 2000 contacts for email marketing, but then I realized that I have a blog and a sales page too.

How I Did (bonus)

I started by creating a blog about health niche, I posted some articles to fill in the blog ( not that high quality posts) my only purpose was that when someone get to my blog he feels he is in the right place with a lot of content written there.

After that, I created a sales funnel to collect emails to my list, and I was offering a high value e-book about Keto Diet to download by just putting your email. Don’t worry I didn’t create the eBook, I had just download it myself from PLR website that offer the commercial use of the eBook.

Then, I had get different product affiliate links from Clickbank, and back to to make email campaign to promote those product to people who has subscribe to my email list. Check this post to learn a free method how to grow your email list

Sometimes I promote my Blog through Social media platform with free method and free traffic like I explained in my previous posts “Click here to check

And rarely I spend some bucks on ads to promote my link, like in Google ads and Facebook ads the results are pretty good to take the risk of investing some money in ads.

Is the Best options

Honestly for me Yes! is the best option in the market right now (I can’t predict the Future) comparing to other services available, taking as an example Clickfunnels the most powerful and the one which dominate the market, but it i think it’s for experts, companies that invest more than 1 million $ in there business.

Kartra & builderall in another hand are more sophisticated to fill our needs but they still expensive too, and they charge a lot of money for a beginner that just started.

Still The best option for me “and I’m sure that will be for you too” to signup to the free plan of and benefits of the whole system for free until you establish your business correctly then you could scale it and go for the paid membership, because you already have money to spend and to invest in your online business.


To get in the online business and do it properly you need to have the right tools, if you want to make real money from the internet you need the right tools, if you are a digital marketer and you want to dominate your area and show up like a real expert you need the right tools. is all in one platform for all digital marketers and online business and this is not all, it offer you the best free plan ever with full time access to all their tools! I think it worth tying it even if you have already another platform to use, you have nothing to lose but a lot to discover and much more to gain.

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