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How To Make Passive Income With Pinterest

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How To Make Passive Income With Pinterest

Pinterest as a social media is having around 600+ Millions visits per month which makes it a big market place where peoples comes to look after their interest. Where peoples are around, there is also money around in the table, that’s why in this simple blog I’ll show you step by step how to make around 1000$+ every single month as a passive income with simple steps in Pinterest.

Make Passive Income With Pinterest

Step1: Create Pins And Make Money

Pinterest is a social media based on sharing Pictures, so he first thing we need to do is starting creating Pins ( a group of picture in a specific niche), and let’s take for example The Healthy Food niche. The easiest way to make Pinterest Poster and also find good ideas about how to make Pins is the best website to create any kind of Poste in social media.

Create Your Pins ON Canva

Once on Canva you can search for your niche then create your own Pin To start and create your Board, try to focus on the same theme and don’t get many Pins idea focus only on one.

Step 2 : Share Pins And Make Money

Now we have created our Pins and start sharing them on Pinterest, we need also to interact with other Pinterest users with likes and comments so we get to be seen on the platform and the algorithm notice that we are active and start to rank and show our Pins to Pinterest community

Step 3: Get Clicks And Make Money

Now getting to the point and the most important idea of our blog, How to make money with Pinterest? How to make passive income with Pinterest? How to generate money with Pinterest? I’ll get directly to the point, it’s through putting a link on our Pin, but what is this link ? from where will we get this link ? don’t worry it is that easy just follow with me. First of all we go to Clickbank.

Once there we sign up for an affiliate marketer ( easy step not need to explain), then we look for a product related to our niche from the market place, once found we get our affiliate link by clicking on get my link, then we go past it in our Pin before we post it and make sure our Pin created look at least a bit similar to the product chosen, also we write an attractive description so peoples click on your link and redirect to the product funnel where they will find more information and hopefully buy the product so you get paid the commission.


The more you create Pins the more you’ll get traffic and clicks on your links and more sells, so focus on creating at least from 5-10 Pins per day it will take no longer than 20 min from all your day. Also a little tip about the pins, try to make pins simple and with advice inside or Pins about “How To” it will attract more peoples to react with you and rank you pins to be shown more on the platform. if you find that was not The Easiest Way To Make Money Online With Pinterest let me know down in the comment, if any question tell me also in the comment I’ll be happy to answer all of you.

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