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How To Generate More Traffic For Your Blog & Make Money with Pinterest 2022

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Generate More Traffic For Your Blog

Pinterest is one of those platforms for many small business owners and bloggers who are unfamiliar. This is often due to the mistaken notion that the forum is only used to look at recipes and ideas for home decoration. However, there are many other blogs with niches, such as fitness, DIY, finance, parenting, technology, relationships, and coding that are very popular. Which make money from Pinterest driving traffic from it.

Make Money with Pinterest 2022

There are also a number of traditional “men” brands such as Harley Davidson, Art of Manliness, Lowe’s, and Dollar Shave Club that use Pinterest as part of their marketing strategy. In fact, about sixty percent of the traffic to my fitness blog – 7Sigma Physiques – comes from Pinterest.

Traffic from Pinterest

If you have already started a blog, you know how challenging it can be to drive traffic to it – especially if you do not have a budget for paid ads and are focused on getting free live traffic.

Generate More Traffic For Your Blog
Generate More Traffic For Your Blog

1. Create a Pinterest Board for Your Blog Posts and Different PINs For Each of Your Posts

Eye-catching pins and memorable captions sit at the top of Pinterest’s list of items. To make it easier to share blog posts, create a blog board where you can pin all your blog posts. You may already know that here at F-academy, We rather suggest sharing content extra than as soon as on your social media.

If you need to power visitors through Pinterest comply with the equal rules: we suggest which you create 3-five special anchors for every weblog post. That approach creates:

3-5 different pictures

5-8 different meanings

3-5 different topics

You do not want to pinch the same PIN over and over again because Pinterest will mark you as spam but you can combine images with different meanings and headings to create multiple PINs for the same repetitive link.

F-academy has the best advices and guide to help you make more money using Pinterest, Check this article

2. Use Keywords

Since Pinterest acts as a search engine, keywords need to play a major role in your strategy. Try entering keywords in both PIN titles and captions and we recommend using a combination of long and wide tail keywords.

Long-tailed keywords have a niche and are more specific than broad keywords. The wide keyword will be “social media” and the long-tail keyword can be “communication post ideas.” Wide keywords usually have greater reach while long-tail keywords attract more targeted audiences as they search for something more explicit.

You can find long-tailed keywords using the Pinterest search tool. If you type in a broad search term, Pinterest will provide you with long-tail keywords in both the search bar and on the search results page. Don’t forget to text people regularly before searching tools. If you just type a lot of keywords, Pinterest may flag your PIN as spam!

Generate More Traffic For Your Blog
Generate More Traffic For Your Blog

3. Pin Continuously

The first rule of how to use Pinterest on your blog and make money is to Pin Daily and aims to be consistent. There’s no magic number for how many PINs you have to pinch per day but Pinterest is clear that consistency is more important than quantity.

In line with Pinterest’s Best Practices, you should focus on adding “new pins over time rather than loading bulk at once. This tip helps you to reach an ample audience. ”

It is also important to pinch other people’s anchors and not just your content. You want your Pinterest boards to be valuable to your audience and provide them with all the techniques and tools they need to succeed in your niche. By choosing content and saving other people’s anchors, you are providing the most valuable information for your fans.

And luckily you don’t need to spend every second of your days creating Pinterest pins. Enter Edgar! You are now working with Pinterest so you can use Edgar to customize your Pinterest strategy. At Edgar, you can set up your Pinterest program to save the Anchors daily and be able to maintain that consistency.

Generate More Traffic For Your Blog
Generate More Traffic For Your Blog

4. Match The Topic Of Your Blog Post & Make more Money with Pinterest

Pinterest is becoming more and more like Google. The forum is now checking your blog posts to see how they relate to the PIN you are linking to.

Ensuring that Your anchors match the content you are linked to is what Pinterest developers refer to as pin integration.

Pinterest wants to make sure that the Pin web page matches its semantics. For example, if you publish a PIN entitled “Green Throw Pillow” and add it to the “Living Room Décor” board, Pinterest may expect to see it linked to a shopping site with home decor products.

5. Create curiosity with your nails

One of the exceptional methods to make sure that humans click on your weblog is to create interest approximately your PIN titles and photos.

This process is used not only for pins but also for items such as email subject lines and blog post articles.

For example, if you have written an article entitled “Foods to Avoid to Lose Weight” and used a donut image in your PIN, not many people can click because obviously, donuts are high in calories.

The best image we can use would be something like yogurt, which is considered healthy but most of them have tons of sugar.

Also, using the article “Healthy Foods That Make You Fat” can stimulate curiosity.

Pinterest Best Practices

Now, let’s take a look at some of the best ways to Pinterest:

Pin between 1-5 pins a day. A lot of what is used for profit, however, Pinterest has made a few changes to its algorithms and is now more focused on high quality and new content.

Try not to pin the same PIN on the same Board more than once. This may be considered “duplicate content” and may cause your account to be blocked.

Use the editor. The editing tool will help you save time by performing the automatic pinning process.

Sit Where Your Ants Are on the Right Board first. For example, if you have a PIN about women’s weight loss and a Board entitled “Weight Loss,” you should pin it there instead of another Board entitled “Fitness.” Speed ​​up your website to make more money with Pinterest traffic. Speeding up your website will help lower your jumping rate, increase your conversions, and keep your visitors happy. This is very important because most of your Pinterest traffic will appear on mobile devices, which may not have very good connections.

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