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Is Ezoic The Best Ad Publisher Option 2022 ? (Highest Revenue)

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Ezoic review

What is Ezoic? and how it works? is it better than AdSense? That’s all we gonna discover in this Ezoic review blog post, I’ll go in detail to explain how People are Making 100$, 500$ and even 1000$ per day! yes per day with Ezoic just from their ad revenue!

Ezoic Review
Ezoic Review

back then when I first started working online, watching YouTube instructors and reading articles about making money online, AdSense was the most common words out there. I have read and found out that Google AdSense was dominating the area of ad display, at least for small blogs and websites.

Website owner & bloggers are just making pennies from their ad revenue unless they have a hug amount of traffic coming to their website every single month

Years ago Google Ads start to get real competitors, Mediavine and Ezoic, both those companies are targeting the same areas as AdSense.

Many bloggers and website owner switched to Ezoic To start making +10.000$ a Month !! No way this is possible! I didn’t believe first place to until I saw many payment proof.

Yes Ezoic have a full system that make you increase your ad revenue to an unbelievable amount

In the following we will dig in step by step in this making money machine, but first let’s start having some information about Ezoic

What is Ezoic ( Full Ezoic review )

As I mentioned Before, Ezoic is an Ad platform that work with AI to generate the Best ad placement and the highest ad revenue from your audience page views.

In other companies such as AdSense, Adthrive or Mediavine, their ad team goes to your website to check it then decide which Better placement and Better ads for your audience. In another term they do that manually

But Ezoic came with a new different way, The AI scan all your traffic, clicks, page views, understand your audience. After that the AI try to optimize your ad revenue to the Best possible so you get the highest revenue on your ads placement By exposing them to many different ad companies and pick you the Best paying one

What is AdSense Mediation in Ezoic

One of the amazing features with Ezoic is that you can run AdSense ads same time with Ezoic ads in a single website in a single page.

And here when comes the Best deal ” Mediation”.

Mediation is all about displaying AdSense ads that will compete with Ezoic ads, and for sure the highest revenue will show up and that will drives up the amount that advertiser will pay for your ad placement the higher the EMPV.

Also, from this feature it’s a Double Earning you can earn from Both Ezoic and AdSense same time from your website traffic, and you can see AdSense earning in the Mediation section.

Why Ezoic ( Honest Ezoic review )

In this part of our Ezoic review, we will cover why should we choose Ezoic over other platform, is Ezoic the real Best option for us, it’s the Best ad Platform?

Ezoic Monetize
Ezoic Monetize

Ezoic has many competitors that provide almost the same services and nearly the same revenue if we are talking as website owners that they are looking to make some good money.

The most Famous and Big company that compete with Ezoic are MediaVine and AdThrive, and in the following we will Break down the differences and the features to understand more which are the Best.

AdThrive is an ad platform looking just for the Big guys with traffic more than 100k/month, and that’s a huge traffic coming in your website if you want to really work with AdThrive. But guess what? the earning is the same and some times Ezoic RPM goes beyond AdThrive, because the last one focus only in the 5 steaks traffic ( USA, UK, CANADA, Australia, New Island) and here where Ezoic take advantage to make your RPM higher even for the rest of the countries.

Same as AdThrive, Mediavine also focuses on the Big guys, those who have already Big traffic coming in. Mediavine require that you have at least 50.000 pageviews per month and also 50% of your traffic should Be from the U.S.

As we can see Both Best option don’t goes with new and small sites, But not Ezoic that take your Back even Before you make it! also it doesn’t worth it to switch to Both Mediavine neither AdThrive for higher revenue Because they all have closely the same RPM.

What are The Requirement To Join

At first they were putting a requirement of a minimum 10.000 pageviews/month to join the network, But recently they accept even websites with lower amount of traffic like even 6000 pageviews/month and I think the only require a good traffic quality. It seems to Be the Best option for small sites for good revenue.

Ezoic levels
Ezoic levels

The Premium Packages

In this section we will cover one of the features which is Ezoic Premium.

Ezoic have a level system to help you earn more money with scaling your ads rate and RPM, But there is always a But in this story! you need to pay them to work for you.

Yes ! Ezoic want you to subscribe in one of their monthly offers so they can put someone to work for you, to work for scaling your revenue and guess what, they guarantee you the highest revenue even before you make it and hey pay you for it, crazy no !?

When you get invited to the Premium Level you don’t have to pay from day one, however they give you a trail of 14 days to try the earning and how much they are profitable for you. In the average it’s between 17% to 40% increase in revenue.

To start with the Premium service you need to choose between the 2 packages:

  • Starter
  • Growth

both of the packages insure you the best earning possible, but once you are subscribed to one of the Premium service and according to the contract between you and Ezoic, your website can not be added to another Ad Network and it’s related to Ezoic.

Tools For Content Creator

Another fantastic feature available on Ezoic ad network to help Content Creator to manage and Optimize their content, also to track their traffic in the SEO & Analytics section.

In SEO & Analytics section you can check your revenue by topics and queries to understand more which content is making you money, also view why pages are high-earning or low-earning and work on optimize them more so they make you more money in the future.

You can also track your traffic and see Real-world engagement by word count and more.

How to Make Money with Ezoic Step by Step

One of the making money machine 2022’s Strategies is to monetize your website with Ezoic Ad network.

The steps are easy to make, and you can start earning within a day if you have already a website. If not all you have to do is to follow me in this simplified step by step list:

  • First of all, you need to buy a hosting and a domain name.
  • setup your WordPress and the plugin you need.
  • Then, it depends on whether your website is a blog or SaaS website, so you will write articles or just add tools. learn how to start a blog
  • Start to implement SEO on your website to rank on google and grow your traffic.
  • Subscribe to Ezoic Publisher and submit your website.
  • After the approval you need to create the Placeholder for Ezoic ad tester.
  • Ezoic will start automatically to generate Ads on your website, and test which ads are your audience more interested in.
  • The more traffic you get, the more revenue you earn.

It’s that simple to start, no complicated strategies.

Also you can go for the Pro option and you will get a full support to increase your income, because the higher the level you are in, the higher your earning will be.

Another way you could make money with in the platform is to signup to their Affiliate program and make money from anyone signup from your link. learn more about Affiliate marketing


As we mentioned in this Ezoic review blog, the competition is so high between Ad Network companies, but it seems that Ezoic had Find a new way to kill the competition.

I think their is no better option in the market right now, Ezoic work with you not against you, they make you feel that your success is their success.

Tons of features to make you succeed in your journey and to grow your business online, I saw many people on Twitter Making more than 1000$ per day, yes per day, I didn’t believed it just like you but they make just with Ezoic, so why not you and me? so let bring the traffic and let Ezoic make the highest revenue for us the highest RPM’s.

let go for the 30k/month journey together $

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