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15 reasons why you should Date a Mechanic

Sure, his hands may be fatty. Assuming the aucougars looking to date mechanic asking you out rinses his hands frequently, there isn’t any reason to overlook from a dinner for just two with this tradesman.

1. Your car or truck is going to run efficiently — around forever.

2. Technicians are not afraid of getting filthy.

3. Aspects are good making use of their arms.

4. You’ll have use of information, device kits, and hard-to-find free components.

5. Mechanics tend to be optimists. They don’t get rid of broken material; somewhat they see the potential in just about every part.

6. Mechanics tend to be liable and dependable. Other people trust your own big date due to their individual safety on the road.

7. Your day enhances the schedules of other individuals, helping all of them will in which they want to get.

8. Mechanics work nicely under great pressure. They even work nicely with force — practically.

9. Mechanics are upwards for difficult, always trying to find a way to improve a design.

10. Mechanics tend to be curious and constantly studying. They simply take things aside only to learn how circumstances work.

11. You should have the opportunity to create improper jokes about performance.

12. Aspects are persistent and require obtaining the job done right.

13. Auto mechanics value quality, double-checking their own work.

14. Mechanics spend their particular times covered in grease. They understand how-to clean really.

15. Technicians understand security method together with significance of adequate safety.